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Miss Etoile

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Miss Étoile is a Danish home decor, handi craft and accessory company, founded in November 2008 by Bahne Sørensen A/S and Anne Lassen

The Miss Étoile’s Universe Miss Étoile is a fictive person, created by Anne Lassen, who lives in a glamorous universe, surrounded by beauty and femininity in her boudoir home in Paris. She is the centre of every collection. Everything is designed to fit into her universe. Miss Étoile has everything a woman can dream of from home accessories to furniture and textiles. Her name, Étoile, means star in French and she loves all that shines and sparkles.

The Miss Étoile Collection All products in Miss Étoile’s collections are carefully and thoughtfully designed with great attention to detail. Every collection is put together to tell a new story from Miss Étoile’s glamorous life, and therefore each collection is a natural successor of the previous collection. The products are affordable and follow the styles; French, feminine, glamorous, Art deco, luxurious and elegant styles.