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DIM - The Imaginary Factory

DIM - the imaginary factory
(The blindenanstalt von berlin  - Institute for the Blind, Berlin, Germany)

The fabrication of brushes and brooms has gone all but unchanged for more than 120 years. The skilled hands of the blind and those who either see extremely poorly or are challenged in other ways work prepared wood, special wires, animal hair and plant fibers into brushes
and brooms widely recognized for their high quality.  
Each individual product is fit with the appropriate wooden part in the little carpenter’s workshop and finally honed and polished there.
DIM never altered this traditional process, but instead, consciously used it to allow new ideas to arise for new products to serve old functions. The 20 employees of the brush and broom manufacture, either blind or disabled, now enjoy creating brushes with unconventional forms along with the classic models.

From Germany